Hello and Welcome to MON-JA2GO

If this is your first time here then let me tell you all about Us

We have an amazing restaurant
in Bradley Beach, NJ called
Mangiare Tu
It’s pronounced “mon-juh.” It means “eat” in Italian
so we thought it would be cute to call our takeout business
“mon juh to go” or MON-JA2GO
Neat right?

Well we originally had this website set up so you could order
a bunch of ready to heat meals so that you didn’t have
to worry about the nonsense of grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.
Just like Freshly, Eat Clean Bro, or HelloFresh
except our food isn’t mass-produced in a building somewhere
instead, it’s prepared in a well-known restaurant
with an emphasis on quality ingredients by a local chef
Sounds amazing right?

Now due to the current events, not only can you order ready to heat meals,
but you can also order from our regular restaurant menu

and prepared sauces, gelatos, or pasta too!!!

How It Works